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There are so many people to talk to! You process your feels by talking things out — but the real question at the end of the day is, what are you feeling? What turns you on: A quick wit and a dry charm. Facility with language, if you will. What you want: Intellectual feeding.

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Someone who wants to learn from you. Someone you can learn from. Hold onto those people, and let the rest go. Explicitly clarifying situations and intentions will help a lot here. The moon is at home in Cancer. The moon feels deeply here. Shifts with the tides. Is strong. Emotional is too easy a word; we all have emotions, and the moon rules our emotions, always. Cancer is the crab; the hard shell, the soft underbelly.

Cancer wants to be able to take off its shell, its burdens, and lay down with its love s in tenderness, in solidarity, in total union and familiarity. What you want: To nurture, nourish, and care for others, especially through the means available through a home: food cooking, going out , cleaning, gardening, child and elder care.

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Given the right food, company, and comforts, you could easily not leave your house for days. What you need: To understand what home is, for you. This may not be a physical place. This may not be certain people. How do you carry home within yourself?

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Biggest Pet Peeve: A lack of gratitude and gentleness. Leo is the lion, the ruler: the kings and queens of the zodiac. Leo energy inspires others to live their own best lives. And yes, you are fed and nurtured by appreciation. What others sometimes read as stereotypical Leo arrogance can, in fact, be the manifestation of insecurity. Remember that you are worthy, that you deserve to own your own space, that you absolutely deserve to have people in your life who shower you with love and tenderness.

What turns you on: Unmitigated, unadulterated self-expression. Fearless creativity unfolding on a stage. What you want: Playfulness. Leo moons have a light heart, and finding loyal mates who appreciate you and who can play just as hard as you? What you need: Opportunities to build your confidence. Venues that feel comfortable, where you can risk and fail splendidly, with supportive partners and community.

What is going to help you build that self-expression that is so vital for your Leo energy, that is going to help you play with your inner performer? Biggest Pet Peeve: Energy that seeks to shame and belittle that which is bold and inspiring. Virgos are known for their love of organization, but at the heart of it is a desire to control their environment. When it comes to emotions with Virgo moons, this is challenging! You are an excellent social secretary for your friend group and family, the person everyone goes to for advice — but when was the last time you directed all that fixing energy inward?

When you focus on cultivating a sense of self-awareness, sitting with discomfort, sitting in the mess of emotions, resisting the urge to sort them out right away, letting them take their time: there is extraordinary growth and harvest to be had. What turns you on: Someone who has their shit together. In spite of your discomfort with emotional mess, the external pieces of your life usually run like a well-oiled machine.

What you want: To be heard. What you need: Folks who show up for you the way you show up for them. What does that look like? Being punctual, courteous, considerate, thoughtful. You are more pragmatic than showy, but the occasional romantic gesture goes a long way. Charming and diplomatic, Libra moons are the consummate lawyers of the emotional zodiac: able to see and argue all sides to an issue. While Libra is a partnership-oriented sign, always seeking harmony in relationships romantic and platonic , you struggle with indecisiveness. The tarot card for Libra is Justice, represented by the scales.

You can think of the scales as the head and the heart, and a Libra moon is never not weighing the two. What you need: To learn how to trust your gut and get out of your own head when it comes to your feelings. You can be so dedicated to keeping the peace that you overlook your gut and the things that you really want in the interest of the greater good. Biggest Pet Peeve: People who disrespect you, or the people and beliefs you value. Scorpio moons are deep emotional wells. Scorpio revels in the transformative, in those liminal moments between life and death, between foreplay and sex and orgasm, between society and the abject.

Scorpio is comfortable in the dark, in decay. So when it comes to the moon — to the emotional realm — well. Scorpio moons are comfortable with your own company.

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But for those who can run with you, who share your desire to know — really know — the depths and mysteries, the nooks and crannies of what makes this world and you work. There is the promise of a lot of passion, a lot of heat, a lot of understanding. What turns you on: The unknown. What you need: To not be rushed. You move at your own pace. Sagittarius moons are explorers at heart. Your heart is fed by meeting new people, in learning from new cultures in non-appropriative ways! Caitlin Johnstone.

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Adams Media. Virgoans should stick with romaine, whole wheat, beef, walnuts, lentils, almonds, cheeses, oranges, bananas, and lemons. Libras need sodium to deep cleanse the body. Stay away from acidic food and stick with apples, raisins, almonds, asparagus, peas, corn, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, and wheat. Librans should have high protein diets to keep them energize. Foods with high protein levels are seafood, and chicken, yogurt, cheese. Scorpios need to have a grasp on their diet to protect their mental health.

Scorpios are prone to high alcohol use and tend to eat unbalanced diets which leads to illness. To protect oneself from these issues have: cheese, milk, and yogurt. Nuts, fruits, and seafood should also be incorporated in small amounts. Supplement that second drink with water to ensure health and safety. Sagittarians are adventurous outgoing people who don't have time to be held down by fats, starches, and alcohol. They should have healthy diets to strengthen their nervous system health and help circulation in their hands and feet. Fruits and vegetables, oats, grains, whole-grain and egg yolks should be the focus of their diets.

Cream, butter, candy, chocolate, and alcohol should be avoided to protect against damage to their skin complexions as well as their livers. High-protein diets are essential for these outgoing personas so poultry and fish should also be incorporated along with exercise and water. Capricorns are hard working, fast paced people who tend to skip meals or eat too much at once.

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To protect their bones and skin they should have a diet rich in protein and calcium. Foods to lean towards are oranges, celery, spinach, broccoli, peas, potatoes, almonds, corn, whole wheat, oats, kale, and brown rice. Aquarians seem to always be busy with new activities so have a hard time keeping a balanced diet.