October 17 birthday astrology profile

The 17 October birthday astrology predictions show that management positions or artistic professions suit you the best.

October 17 Zodiac

Typically, when a relationship is over, you move on without spending a lot of time with pity. As a person born today, you are fair and understanding. You love your freedom but enjoy the company of beautiful people. This card symbolizes new opportunities, growth, prosperity, and hope. Number 9 — This number signifies your love for helping others and thus benefiting the society in general. Number 8 — This number signifies your Karmic connections between physical goals that you strive to achieve in life and your inner spiritual self.

Pink : This is the color of intimacy, empathy, hope and good health. Lavender: This is a color that symbolizes mysticism and finding the right balance between your physical and spiritual energies. Friday: The day ruled by the planet Venus symbolizes beauty, charm, sensuality, art, and finances. Saturday: This day is ruled by Saturn and signifies discipline, energy, focus, and stability.

Your gemstone is Opal helps in enhancing your overall personality and come into many possessions. An expensive pullover for the man and an elegant evening dress for the woman. Tags libra October. Yes this indeed shows many sides which other websites could never reveal. I see already a taurus above commenting how male libra is not the perfect soul mate. I agree on that point since I lived with one. We libra are too idealistic when it comes with love. Makes us male libra stubborn, bitter and shut offs sometimes even from the world it depends on what kind of parents they have, their influence is enormous on our lives.

They expect convenience. Can be selfish. Become deaf.

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I can agree on the blunt and moody personality ha ha. Of course they will need patience and I actually appreciate that a lot. But it seems that being a late bloomer is a clever and safe way to live. When other people are going wild and even getting pregnant. In the end the problem of my life is to reach a carrier or a job. Just to find a way live through and be a person like everyone else. As long I find my way first to become a person.

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I am also an Oct 17 female. I too never wanted kids..

I never babysat as a teen. Open communication although I dont care for confrontation. Ive briefly dated another Libra before, Sept I need love on a much deeper level… I love deep and require the same energy. Im a Libra female and my husband is a Taurus. Our marriage has been very tumultuous. He is stubborn as a mule and very focused on finances at all costs.

To keep the peace in our home, I have compromised sooo much throughout our 20 year marriage that is physically sickening. Just Yuck. Your email address will not be published.

October 17 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the lucky escape

Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. JOHN October 25, at pm. Jessie September 27, at pm. Victoria February 25, at am. CB June 18, at am. Samanta JJ June 30, at pm. Rosemary Velasquez September 29, at pm. October 17 natives are many things to many people. While they are likely to surround themselves with a variety of friends, it is likely that no one knows all aspects of their personality. They are equally inaccessible to their lovers and mates. They have great emotional resilience.

As with many Libra natives, the upbringing of October 17 individuals is unlikely to live up to their idea of perfection. When they have children, they are likely to experience a great sense of vulnerability regarding their new responsibilities. They are exceptionally loving people and may be unable to draw the line between affection and authority.

October 17 people understand that the only way to achieve balance is to continually move back and forth between two points of opposition. For this reason, October 17 individuals are likely to try many different diets and health regimens -- some of them unusual and even bizarre -- before they settle upon one that works for them. October 17 individuals have a creative spirit that usually dictates the direction their career takes.

October 17 Birthday Astrology

They have an artistic temperament. They have a decisive nature that makes them good managers and supervisors. People born on this date are very careful about the way they handle money.