November 6 horoscope 2019 pisces

The moon enters your sign today, and it's exactly the time to feel what's bothering you rather than shutting it out.

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Find a friend to vent to, or scribble your truth in a journal. You're in the mood to socialize and network today, but tense energy flows as you wonder whether what's important and valuable to you is important to your friends, too.

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The moon enters Aquarius, asking you to slow down and rest. Important changes are taking place in your career and relationships, and you may be feeling overwhelmed! Connect with your friends and spend time with communities you're inspired by as the moon enters Aquarius. Things are intense now, but there's space today for you to dream about the future, too. The moon is in fellow earth sign Capricorn today, inspiring you to think about the big picture.

A change in plans is underway. Are you doing what you love? You're remembering how important it is to you to work in areas that are progressive and cutting edge as the moon enters Aquarius. You don't have many secrets, Gemini, but as the moon in Capricorn meets Pluto today, you find yourself exploring hidden aspects of yourself.

An important change is made.

Complex issues concerning finances are addressed. The moon enters Aquarius and urges you to go on an adventure. People appreciate the fact that you never waver from your chosen path.

Pisces monthly horoscope - October 12222

You have an enduring nature that enables you to fit in any kind of environment. Although you enjoy working close to home, you occasionally take to travel for the purposes of discovery. Some of your happiest moments are when you are traveling the world interacting with different cultures. All the same, you have a few areas that you need to work on. For example, you are often too controlling.

You believe in keeping the flow of information in check. Although this works well for your purposes, it often stifles the growth and progress of others. Also, you do not forget negative experiences. This will only lead to mental exhaustion.

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Let bygones be. All in all, you have what it takes to soar high. You need to focus on the important things in your life. Also, be wary of false friends. One-sided relationships will do you more harm than good. You share the 6th November birthday with many prominent personalities the world over. Here are five of them:. November 6 zodiac people belong to the 2nd decan of Scorpio. You are in the same category as those born between 3 November and 12 November.

The planet Neptune has a major influence in this decan. This means that you display the more outstanding characteristics of this celestial body. For example, you are sensual, secretive, determined, and mysterious. These are the more positive qualities of Scorpio. People define you by your dependability. This is a very powerful trait. It has served you well in the past. With some bit of imagination, you can use it to rise to the highest levels of human strata. Your birthday stands for care, tenderness, generosity, and perseverance. These are the keys to your future.

Use them wisely! You can excel in the corporate world. You see, the corporate culture value loyalty. Scorpios are some of the most loyal people anywhere.

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People interpret your loyalty as dependability. Many organizations are willing to reward this through promotions and attractive pay packages.

Green is the magic color of people born on 6th November. This is the color of fertility, nurture, and health. Scorpio Yearly Predictions. Sagittarius Yearly Predictions. Capricorn Yearly Predictions. Aquarius Yearly Predictions. Pisces Yearly Predictions.


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